8 Easy Steps to Measure Your True Shoe Size

Understand Yourself From Head to Toe Even More!

Wearing beautiful and attractive pair of shoes can give anyone else the confidence to walk elegantly and decently. There are different pair of shoes that are now available in the market that will get you attention and interest to buy and wear it. The pair of shoes that you can buy in the market is available in different sizes, styles and design. You can also choose from the online shoes that are being displayed and viewed through the use of internet.

The beauty of the shoes can be ruined if your feet are not fit to the size of the shoes especially if you just prefer to have it by ordering to someone or in a company by telling the size of your foot, it means that you have incorrect way of getting the measure of your true shoe size. If your shoes don’t fit to your feet it can result pain to your feet and also cause headaches and back pains.

Here are the 8 easy steps that can help you to get the true measure of your shoe size.

1. Tear Out a Piece of Paper

You can get a piece of legit notebook paper or any kind of paper will do that will serve as your foot.


2. Naked Foot or Socked Foot

You can place your depending on how you wear your shoe often if you prefer it with sock or naked. It is advisable to sit in getting your shoe size not standing. You must place the paper in a flat and soft surface where your feet can be flattened well on the floor.

3. Trace Your Foot

After you place your foot on the paper you can now trace your foot with the use of pen or pencil to avoid any markings that can be left to your sock or foot. The trace of your foot must look like inside the rectangle.

4. Outline the Tracings

After you trace your foot make an outline to your trace. Using ruler you must draw perfect straight line from the edge of foot; each side, toes and heels.

5. Measure the Width and Length

Using ruler you can now measure the width and the length of your foot. You will measure the inches between the parallel lines from your outline and also top to bottom to know its length and you must remember these measurement.

6. Do Some Maths

From the measurement that you have get you will subtract 3/16ths of an inch from the number that you get, this will serve as an extra space between the straight lines and your foot.

7. Refer to a Chart

You can refer your size below by using this chart; this will be your guide to know your true shoe size based on the length of your foot and check on Summit Size Guideline to get the right size for your shoe.

8. Find the Right Width

You can also use the width measurement of your foot as your guide in knowing your true shoe size.


Knowing yourself a little bit more can bring you a great difference. With you understanding yourself in and out and from head to toe, you no longer need to blame it on buying a shoe with the wrong shoe size. Now with these 8 simple steps, you can get your favorite shoes in that store and step out there confidently.

How to Measure Your Foot